Age Verification Solutions – A Secure Method for Minor Protection

Children’s access to Age-Oriented (AO) products and services has been simpler since the technological revolution. Minors use their parents’ identities to register with AO sites. Traditional age tests, such as completing puzzles and checking boxes, are simple tasks for today’s youngsters. As a result, businesses such as tobacco, liquor, e-commerce, gambling, social networking, and dating are finding it difficult to conduct proper age verification.

As a result, traditional customer validation procedures are obsolete since they are vulnerable to various flaws that give minors an advantage. Given this, regulatory agencies are putting severe laws in place for AO platforms to safeguard youngsters. As a result, businesses demand robust online age verification systems that go beyond checkboxes prior to consumer onboarding.

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Age Checks – Unreliable Methods of Checking Age

Digital solutions are offering effective safeguards for children’s protection while taking into account evolving threats. Online age verification services are rapidly entering the IDV industry because they offer reliable solutions for more accurate customer identification. In this way, age verification techniques using digital methods are outpacing age verification techniques using traditional methods.

Industry sectors have been dealing with a number of difficulties since digitization. Examples of threats include exposing users who are not of legal age to AO products, inappropriate grouping, criminal threats, and others. Due to the following antiquated practices, digital industries are providing effective KYCC solutions:

Self Reveal and Checkboxes

The simplest and most traditional method of determining a customer’s age is to use a checkbox. While onboarding on AO platforms, the site presents the “I’m 18+” sign. The approach also entails figuring out puzzles that are simpler for children. Therefore, the age verification method is no longer reliable and insufficient to stop minors from using the platform.

Birth Date Verification

The verification of the customers’ age is frequently accomplished using this technique. The procedure is straightforward; the platforms show a form on which customers enter their birthdates. Then, by simply applying some mathematics, AI-enabled systems validate data. However, minors can easily get around this customary age verification check by supplying the birthdates of their parents.

Restricting access to minors has become possible through AI-powered services that offer tools for biometric screening, liveness detection, and real-time age verification. Providers of online services should use cautious methods to block children’s access to gates. If not, there will be a lot of dangers and severe penalties for the platforms.

Industries Obliged to Perform Efficient Age Verification Online

Age verification is becoming more challenging as various industries, including those in the alcohol, tobacco, and e-commerce sectors, move their operations online. Minors can easily avoid KYCC checks because sophisticated methods are readily available. In the past, store owners could tell a customer’s age from their physical appearance.

However, it has grown more difficult for industries to foresee who is hiding behind the screen in this digitally growing age. In the real world, it is much simpler to determine a customer’s age when they enter a store.

However, in the digital world, it has become mandatory for industries to employ robust age verification solutions. Industries falling under the legal obligations to identify customers are:

Online Gambling and Gaming Sites

Considering the easy access of under-aged users, regulatory authorities are coming into action by enforcing more strict regulations on industries offering AO services. Similarly, financial watchdogs in Europe are monitoring e-gaming, especially online gambling platforms.

Children run the risk of being grouped improperly if they figure out how to abuse age verification online checks. The available digital solutions enable effective player screening, preventing the registration of users who are under the legal age.

Tobacco and Liquor Online Stores

Online stores for tobacco and alcohol are also subject to age restrictions. Regulatory bodies have imposed a number of limitations in nations like Europe, the US, the UK, and others. Clients must be at least 18 years old to legally buy alcohol, and consumption must take place in this age range. However, the providers of age verification solutions assist online shops in validating customers before making any product sales.

Dating and Social Media Apps/Website

According to Shufti News, there has been a significant rise in social media and dating site usage since the pandemic outbreak. Due to this, younger users are becoming more and more drawn to the digital world. Children are among the more than 4.48 billion users of various social media apps, according to BackLinko. To prevent minors from participating in activities that could endanger their lives, dating and digital interaction platforms must implement reliable age verification mechanisms.

In Summation

Due to the evolution of online operations, businesses require age verification solutions to protect their digital operations. Traditional verification methods are becoming obsolete in identifying underage players’, buyers’, and users’ efforts because they are employing sophisticated strategies to bypass identity checks. Online age verification is therefore the industry’s trusted solution to stop children from falling victim in the age of the internet. Minors now have easier access to gaming platforms as a result of the rapid use of digital technologies. As a result of these rules, internet manipulation is becoming easier. As a result, techniques must be included in online platforms to prevent minors from accessing them. The AI-powered technologies accelerate the process by performing various identification verification checks. The only way to protect minor gamers from fraudsters is to use online age verification programmes.

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