Everything You Need to Know About Low Sperm Count

Male infertility is a common issue, these days, all around the globe. When a man experiences male infertility or low sperm count he becomes unable to pregnant his pregnant. According to a report, thirteen women out of one hundred are unable to conceive even if they do physical activity without any protection.

Most of the time, low sperm count is the culprit behind the inability to get pregnant. However, infertility issues can also cause this inability significantly. If sperm production or sperm delivery is inappropriate then the chances to become pregnant will decrease.

A doctor may recommend a sperm test to check sperm production or the quality of sperm. A sperm test can easily be done in any lab. Additionally, you can also get the services of an authentic lab from sperm test price in Pakistan to get this test done easily.

Usually, when men don’t experience low sperm count, the body makes tiny cells (sperm). When a man ejaculates these cells are transferred to the woman’s body. After that, the body, again, produces sperm in healthy amounts. Therefore, male fertility is totally dependent on the body’s efforts to make sperm.

There are always many reasons behind low sperm count. These may be the habits of any individual that person does regularly. Here we discuss the main reasons that affect or lower the production of sperm count in men.

Causes of Low Sperm Count

In men, the production of healthy and mature sperm depends on several things. A man is able to produce and increase the cells in the sperm. However, many problems can affect or stop the cells to grow in sperm. In addition, these problems can make sperm unable to reach the uterus and meet the egg. Therefore, a woman becomes unable to become pregnant. Here are the main reasons behind low sperm count:

Sperm Disorders

There are chances that some trains, where you were born, will affect the production of sperm. However, some habits or lifestyle choices can also decrease sperm numbers. If you are smoking for quite some time or consuming unhealthy beverages then there will be a decrease in sperm numbers.

In addition, consuming several medications can also be a culprit behind this reason. Some other causes that can also lower sperm count are some long-term health problems that include kidney failure, infections that you are experiencing from childhood, or low testosterone levels.

If a man’s reproductive system is damaged then he can face low sperm counts. A number of men also experience low sperm counts due to the blockage in the tubes that carry sperm when a man ejaculates. Infections can be the cause of this blockage.

During sperm disorder, sperm do not grow fully or are in very low numbers and they can also be oddly shaped.

Use of Several Medications

When you consume different medicines for different diseases then there can be a change in sperm production. The use of these medicines can also affect the delivery of sperm. These medications include anti-depression medications, drugs that treat hypertension, and several other medications for digestive problems.

Environmental Toxins

Environmental toxins also can leave many negative impacts on the production of sperm as well as can affect the quality of healthy life.

Several studies have confirmed that radiation exposure from different things or technologies such as laptops and cell phones is associated with decreased sperm counts. In addition, these radiations are also linked with the abnormal shape of sperm which can reduce the risks of becoming pregnant.

There are also several other heavy metals that can harm and decline the health of sperm. Heavy metals such as arsenic and lead, these metals are also present in foods, and can also decline sperm count.

Immunological Infertility

There are chances that antibodies that the body makes can attack its own sperm health. Infections, several surgeries, and other injuries are the main reasons why a body makes antibodies. These antibodies negatively affect sperm and stop them to move and work freely.

Medical researchers are trying to find the reasons why and how antibodies affect sperm health. But they are sure that antibodies can be harmful to sperm quality.

There is also a myth that masturbation can also affect sperm quality but a sexologist in Lahore does not agree with this notion. This sexologist argues that even if you masturbate daily then you will also be able to maintain sperm quality. He further says that a study also confirms this argument that masturbation does not affect sperm quality.

Some Effective Treatment Options

There are certain things such as home remedies that a person tries to combat low sperm count. However, in some cases, home remedies do not increase sperm levels. In that cases, patients need different treatments such as surgeries and medications.

Surgery becomes essential for these patients if they experience low sperm count due to blockage issues or several other health problems. Some medications can also be effective that a urologist or sexologist will recommend to you.

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