Ways to Earn Free Crypto

With the rapid adoption of cryptocurrency, informed individuals are maximizing the digital advantage available in the gaming sector. They have also identified one of the easiest ways to earn free cryptocurrency. There is no limit to how many free cryptocurrencies you can get as long as you know how to operate a faucet claim. This game is easy to understand, especially for beginners. What does a faucet stand for? This article further discusses all you should know about a faucet claim, including ways to get yourself free money.

What is a Crypto Faucet?

A crypto faucet is a gaming method where players earn free cryptos without staking any amount. Players are usually assigned simple tasks to generate the proposed coin upon successful completion. Some of the required tasks include; watching ads, watching captcha, playing video games, solving surveys, and many others. These tasks require no particular skill or experience. However, the reward from a faucet claim is often tiny. You must pile up a substantial amount of cryptocurrencies before withdrawing your earnings.

What is the Best Platform for Free Cryptos

Since faucet games have become a trend, many websites are being created in such regard. However, to avoid cybercrimes, you must be careful of the platform you choose to play on. Consider these top options if you want a safe platform with little or no stress.

Free Cash

You can earn about $20.00 daily on the free cash platform. Free cash works by allowing players to earn through advertisements – the platform partners with brands that run their services or products through the website. The website also allows players to make gift cards by solving surveys on the internet. You can also explore another faucet claim option on the forum.

Coin Hunt World

This platform focuses on rewarding players with Ethereum and Bitcoin. The website is easy to navigate and available on Android and iOS. The platform is fun and engaging, allowing users to make friends and open new boxes. Observation from social media communities like Reddit reveals that people earn $100 on average weekly. However, only people from the UK, USA, El Salvador, and Canada are allowed to use the platform.

Crypto PopCoin

This gaming platform is one of the easiest among others. It only requires that you group coins while you continue to pop them. Before qualifying for the next stage, you must have done a certain amount of pop. The platform rewards users extra points for exceeding the maximum daily pop rate. However, before registering on the forum, you must download a reputable Ethereum wallet, such as Metamask.


The LunrCash is mainly for people who want to earn the Lunar token as a reward. Users are rewarded by engaging in several online activities, including social media interactions. LunrCash also rewards users whenever they use the Lunar token. Interestingly, you can transfer your reward to an associated crypto wallet.

How it Works

There is no complex method involved in earning free cryptocurrencies. You can make a faucet claim as long as you register on a gaming platform. However, most of these websites will require a macro account. This is because the rewards are usually minute and may not be accepted into your main crypto wallet. After gathering a substantial amount, you can transfer the money from your macro wallet.

You can also explore as many tasks as possible on the faucet platforms. You may choose a platform that accepts all forms of cryptocurrencies as payment or just a fraction of it. Whatever your decision is, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the platform. Most of these platforms have limited coins you can withdraw in a day.

Can You Make Money From a Crypto Faucet?

It is much more possible to earn free crypto from a faucet claim. It is the most advisable form of generating free money for crypto beginners. This will prevent you from the heartbreaks that come with risking your money. Since cryptocurrency is highly volatile, you need a platform that requires no close trading monitoring. More so, you can develop an interest in a crypto faucet. Pay attention to certain games you are more interested in.

Crypto faucets are simple, and you can perform the tasks at your preferred pace. You can create accounts on different platforms, increasing your earning chances. The platforms discussed above are popularly used among players, so you may consider them. The more you play, the higher the potential of gathering many free cryptocurrencies.

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